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Why Wear A Ski Helmet?

The head is the most important part of our entire body and the part with the thinnest skin. Ski beginners who lack self-confidence, ski enthusiasts who challenge high-speed skiing, and even ski masters must wear snow helmets just in case.

1. Keep warm

Snow helmets have much higher wind resistance and warmth than ordinary cotton caps (or wool caps), and can play a very good role in keeping warm during sliding. You can even wear the beanie inside the ski helmet for double-layer warmth.

2. Prevent snow goggles from fogging and frosting

Most people who ski with wool caps have such experience. When taking the cable car, they will temporarily wear snow goggles on their foreheads. At this time, the water vapor evaporates to the snow goggles through the wool cap, causing the snow goggles to fog or frost. Snow helmets do not have a similar situation because of the shell isolation.

3. Reduce residual snow

The most troublesome thing when skiing is to shake off the residual snow on the beanie after skiing in heavy snow or in the bushes. The surface of the snow helmet is smooth, and even skiing in heavy snow will not leave snow residue.

4. GoPro can be installed

GoPro can be installed on snow helmets, and video recordings can be made while sliding, making sliding more fun. It is recommended to choose a sports camera that suits you according to your own needs.

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