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Why Should You Wear Sports Glasses When Exercising?

During sports, the impact force of the ball, sports equipment, fingers and elbows of the participants will all pose a threat to the eyes of the exerciser. Even participating in sports with helmets or masks is not 100% guaranteed for eye safety. Most people will only think that sports glasses are more decorative than practical, but they have never noticed the necessity of wearing goggles for outdoor sports, which can effectively protect the eyes and prevent eye injuries.

Whether it is sunny or cloudy, solar radiation exists all the time, and long-term outdoor naked-eye sports will cause damage to the eyes. General skiing, cycling, running, hiking and other outdoor sports require sports glasses to protect the eyes, to resist ultraviolet rays, block sand and cold wind, and filter the stimulation of special sports reflection.

According to statistics from the American Association for the Prevention of Blindness, there are more than 40,000 sports-related eye injury accidents every year, and experts believe that the actual number is 2-3 times more. In most cases, more than 90% of accidents can be avoided by choosing a pair of sports glasses that fit well. So, what are the requirements for us to buy sports glasses?

1. Shape

Everyone has their own preferences, and different face shapes have different requirements for different shapes of frames. The basic principle is: square shape for round face and ellipse shape for square face.

2. Frame

It is required to be soft, elastic, and impact-resistant, and to protect the face from damage during exercise. The veneer design of the frame can keep the eyes close to the edge of the frame to prevent the strong wind from irritating the eyes during fast sports.

3. The function of the lens

Dark-colored lenses are better than light-colored lenses, which can effectively block ultraviolet rays and improve the UV index. Purple lenses can reduce visible light from entering the eyes without affecting the clarity of vision, suitable for cycling. Gray lenses provide the best color perception. Yellow lenses can enhance contrast in foggy days, so it is recommended not to wear them while driving. The yellow-green progressive color and purple gold-plated mercury lenses can effectively filter blue light and enhance the contrast between the sky and the ground, so the golf glasses use yellow-green and purple lenses to make the sphere more distinct in the field of vision. It is best to buy anti-radiation glasses that can protect against UVA and UVB.

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