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Why Do Different Bicycle Helmets Vary In Price So Much?

We can search for bike helmets with prices ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan on the market or on shopping websites, or even more expensive. With such a huge price difference, what is the difference between the products with such a large price difference?

​1. Selection of materials

Most of the shell and internal filling materials of bike helmets of professional sports brands such as Cairbull are selected very carefully to ensure safety, comfort, ventilation and the weight of the helmet.

The materials used in cheap bike helmets are usually lower-grade. In addition, the material quality and safety level of the straps and buckles of the helmet, and different levels of products also have different standards.

2. Design and workmanship

The Cairbull bike helmet has been rigorously designed and has fine workmanship. The performance of aerodynamics and ergonomics will be more reasonable, which can reduce the wind resistance for the rider when riding, and the rider feels very comfortable when wearing it.

3. Rigorous testing

Professional bike helmets will invest more cost in the pre-market testing stage to ensure the safety of the helmet to the greatest extent, so that it can effectively protect the safety of the rider's head when it is impacted by a strong external force, that is, when an accident occurs - These test links not only include the prevention of trauma to the driver's head when it is hit, but also test the shock to the driver's head, optimize and improve the helmet structure and internal filling materials, and minimize the occurrence of internal injuries such as concussions during severe impacts.

When buying bike helmets, riders must take safety into consideration and choose qualified helmets produced by excellent helmet companies.

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