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What Are the Standards for a Qualified Electric Bike Helmet?

1. Standards for qualified electric bike helmets

Qualified electric bike helmets must be measured by external indicators, just like when we buy a smartphone, the specific performance can be evaluated through testing of third party App, or by comparing with our previous phone in terms of battery life, photographing effects, sound quality, video smoothness to decide whether it is worth buying.

The evaluation of cycling helmets is mainly completed by third-party tests, common test items include energy absorption and impact, penetration resistance, visual field, stability, etc. Through specific data indicators through the above tests to issue relevant certificates for helmets that meet the regulations.

With the above standards, the electric bike helmets on the market have basically filtered out the inferior products. Because the quality, design, or structure of a helmet has passed the relevant certification, it can protect our head safety in cycling and reduce injuries. Remember that wearing helmets can prevent 85% of head injuries, so when buying, we should look for the above certification standards.

2. The role of electric bike helmets

Cycling on the road is risky, so head safety is essential! Wearing an E-bike helmet is like wearing a seat belt while driving. Due to external uncontrollable factors and the rider's own reasons, especially sudden braking or riding too fast, it is inevitable to fall and bump. As the most vulnerable part of the body, the head is most afraid of being directly hit, resulting in head injury. Wearing a helmet gives you the best protection, protecting your head from external impacts and keeping it safe.

3. Measurement of head circumference and selection of electric bike helmets

Now that E-bike helmets are essential, how do we know what size helmet we are wearing? Here's a head measurement method (for adults and children).

1. First, prepare a tape (if you use a tape measure, be sure to be safe and not hurt your head);

2. Find the highest point of your forehead and the bulge of your afterbrain, use the tape to circle around these two points. That's the specific size of the head circumference.

Once we know our head circumference, we can choose our own cycling helmet according to it. When choosing a helmet, in addition to considering price and quality, we should also consider the specific items of cycling sports, the higher the risk factor and the faster the speed of the sport, the better the protection function of the helmet should be chosen, such as full helmet, open face helmet or half helmet, which is commonly used for cycling and electric vehicles.

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