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How to Determine the Quality of Skiing Helmets' Craftsmanship?

By helmet shell materials, the market is roughly divided into two types: ABS (a type of engineering plastic) and PC (polycarbonate).

ABS skiing helmets

  • Shell: whether the shiny surface has particles, scratches; whether the water transfer pattern is complete; whether the paint has adhesion problems.

  • Body: whether black material or white material is used or if it is white material sprayed with black paint.

  • Liner: actually, to check whether a helmet is good or not, the liner is the most important part. Is it removable; is it flat; whether the fabric used is comfortable; whether the colors match well; whether there are problems with sewing work; whether there are complete warning and certification labels.

  • Ear muff: whether it is removable; whether the shape of the ear muff is novel; whether it is designed with a V-shape on the inside (the V-shape design of the ear muff is reasonable and more comfortable to wear).

  • Buckle: after plugging it in, pull it hard to see if it will break.

  • Sunglasses buckle:whether it will come off after multiple buckling and pulling.

PC skiing helmets

Due to differences in the process, many one-piece PC helmets are not painted. In addition to the workmanship of ABS skiing helmets, two points should also be noted:

  • Whether there are defects in the vents. If there are defects, it means that there is a problem with the mold of this helmet;

  • The EPS at the front and rear edges of the helmet has an outer shell (PC) to cover it, making the helmet look more beautiful.

As one of the important protective gear, the helmet can not only guarantee your safety. In the snow field with eye-catching equipment, it also represents 30% of your appearance. In addition to the above points, good-looking is also an important plus item.

Snowboarding is a great form of exercise during the dreary winter months. However, like all action sports, snowboarding has an element of danger that, if not handled properly, can put you at risk not only for yourself. Safety should be everyone's top priority when skiing, starting with protecting one of your most valuable assets: your head. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong ski helmet can actually cause headaches instead of preventing them.

As a well-known brand in sports and safety helmets, Cairbull has been involved in professional sports and safety for many years, and supports the world's best athletes to achieve new top performance. Welcome to consult us!

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