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How To Choose A Road Bike Helmet?

The road bike helmet is the most important safety guarantee item in road bike riding. After picking up a new bike, the first thing to choose is a helmet, and everything else can be prepared slowly.

1. Things to know before buying road bike helmets

Is your head too big or too small? Approximate dimensions are required. The head circumference can be measured around the temple. According to the head circumference, the general helmets will be distinguished by S M L size. If possible, you must try it on site.

2. Road bike helmet selection tips

To sum up, there are four points: 1. Lightweight 2. Safety 3. Beautiful appearance 4. Functionality

1) It is recommended to choose a lightweight helmet. Generally, you will choose a helmet that does not exceed 300g. It is very important to break wind or keep breathable and lightweight for climbing.

2) Buy road bike helmets from regular manufacturers, which have a high safety factor for life protection, and never buy cheap imitations.

3) Each brand has its own design features. Choose the style that suits you according to your head shape. You should consider whether the color and style of your cycling clothes match your bike.

4) For road bike helmets, choose a suitable riding route and method. For example, on flat roads, we try to choose a helmet with good aerodynamic performance for breaking wind, and for climbing, we choose a helmet that is breathable or lighter.

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