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How to Choose a Helmet Based on Exercise Intensity?

Many outdoor sports enthusiasts do not know how to choose the right helmet. Today, bicycle helmet manufacturer, Cairbull, will briefly talk about how to choose a safety helmet according to the intensity of the activity.

Is a lighter safety helmet better?

From our daily understanding, a lighter helmet is definitely better. But we need to understand that light and heavy are also relative, and there is no absolute choice. Moreover, no matter what type of helmet we choose, the ultimate goal is to ensure our own cycling safety.

The lighter the quality, the smaller the chance of passing the safety certification test standards. Because safety certification has many test standards, such as impact resistance, puncture resistance, and structural testing in multiple dimensions, the price of helmets certified through these standards will be relatively high.

The lighter weight of the helmet must have focused on the structure and material used. We often see some helmets on the market with simple structures or materials, such as shared bicycles, which mostly have only a shell and a fixed strap, and rarely have a cushioning layer, so the structure is light. Of course, in terms of safety, it is naturally impossible to compare with helmets that contain cushioning layers. Its role is to absorb most of the impact energy when a real risk occurs, thus protecting our head safety. We recommend that you choose a certified helmet.

To sum up, being light in weight can be worn for a long time without feeling tired, but for helmets for some special sports, the lighter the helmet, the more expensive it is. For example, to participate in a bicycle race, helmet selection is a very cautious and serious matter, and we should not choose purely for lightness and low price, and safety should be the premise.

Choose a safety helmet based on the intensity of the activity

As we all know, the higher the intensity of the activity, the higher the risk factor, such as skiing, skateboarding, and mountain climbing. Therefore, we should choose a helmet with better material and safety. In terms of material, the outer shell material of the safety helmet is divided into PP, PC, ABS, and other materials. The performance of different materials is different. For example, the outer shell of a mountain bike helmet has ordinary plastic, glass fiber, and carbon fiber, and even if the materials are the same, the design concept of the helmet manufacturer for the helmet can also affect the structure.

In addition to the above-mentioned materials and structures, price is another condition that affects the performance of bicycle helmets, and helmets with better materials and more use of safety technology will be more expensive. From our personal perspective, choosing the right one rather than the expensive one is the principle we should consider when purchasing helmets. Yes, it is to choose a suitable, safe helmet as the premise; not to choose an expensive one, is to choose within our own budget. For example, it is unnecessary to buy a helmet that costs over a thousand yuan for daily commuting, but if it is for outdoor off-road, skiing, and other situations, we need to fully consider the price issue, as mentioned earlier.

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