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Buying a Helmet is Equal to Buying Safety!

Many people believe that buying a helmet is very simple, just like simple daily purchases, you can buy it directly when you see what you like, but they forget the real significance behind it: safety!

1. What is the safety helmet made of?

For daily use, wearing a safety helmet has become a must-have equipment. The safety regulations from different countries indicate that wearing a  helmet brings you safe travel, and you can know its role: to protect your head!

So how to keep us safe? Let's start with the small cases around us: we need to wear shoes when we go out; we need to hold an umbrella when it rains. The shoes, umbrellas, sunscreen and sunglasses mentioned here are a protection for us. Their production, manufacturing processes and materials are different.

Therefore, in order to play a protective role, the safety helmet needs its production technology, structural requirements and material requirements. Currently, a wide range of materials are used include PP, PC, ABS and carbon fiber, which are mainly used in the helmet shell, that is, the outer shell. under the outer shell is the EPS layer, commonly known as foam, and black materials are mostly used. In addition, there is an inner lining to absorb sweat and ventilate. Also there are various necessary functional parts, such as belts, ear protectors, and goggles.

Now we may already have answers to the previous questions. Of course, the use of helmets is by no means as simple as we ride bicycles or electric vehicles. They are also widely used in sports activities, such as skiing, hockey, and skating. They are also widely used in motor sports, such as motorcycles and F1 Racing. For these sports, we need to adopt different designs and materials for helmets in order to protect the safety of athletes in different sports.

2. Different styles of safety helmets and safety certifications

Different countries and regions have different safety standards. Generally speaking, bicycle helmet manufacturers are certified according to user requirements, because even if all certifications are done, not all regions are recognized, which is why we can see CCC certification, CE certification, CPSC certification, etc. Different security certifications face different market requirements.

In addition to different safety certification standards in different countries and regions, safety certification of bicycle helmet also has a lot to do with the style of the helmet. Briefly, the more dangerous the sports environment, the higher the requirements for safety certification, the better the corresponding safety, and the better the protection effect on riding safety.

Therefore, buying a safety helmet is not a simple matter, let alone a random thing. You must fully consider your actual needs and buy a helmet that has passed the relevant safety certification.

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