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All About Our Helmets

Choose a protective and comfortable helmet. Let’s say goodbye to those annoying, painful stress points that ruin your journey. Some other things to remember: Are you a racer? Keep a cool head when overtaking your opponent. Or are you addicted to trails and woods? We have helmets for all kinds of riding.

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What's the points that you need to consider when choosing a helmet?

1. When choosing a good helmet for your ride, you need to keep your safety in mind. Protecting the head is the main role of the helmet. But perhaps just as important to us is its comfort. The helmet has several elements that can optimize its comfort; straps, dividers, retention systems and padding.


2. When you ride a bike, your body generates a lot of heat, and if it overheats, it can negatively affect your performance. Due to the large surface of the head, the body is able to release about 40 percent of its heat through the head. Wearing the right helmet will ensure that your head doesn't get too hot. We've invented several ways to overcome these troubles and keep your head cool!


3. Helmets are designed to keep you safe in the event of a collision. But helmets can protect your head in different ways. We use several technologies in the helmet to provide you with the best safety in different situations. Choosing a helmet always includes options in terms of price, safety and ventilation, depending on what your priorities are.



Here at CAIRBULL, we have helmets for every situation and every type of rider. You want to keep your head safe and cool as you explore the roads on your bike. So you need a helmet that is ventilated and safe. Are you going into the woods or are you cycling to discover trails? We have some nice MTB helmets for you. In the urban jungle, you want your helmet to stand out. It has to look good and keep you safe in city traffic. So we designed some helmets for young and old to keep everyone safe. Are you riding fast on an e-bike? In this case, you have to keep your head cool and you need a helmet suitable for greater impact. It's time to take a look at our e-bike helmets. Come and explore our CAIRBULL helmets!

All our helmets

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